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Oxford Floral Company was founded as a family, locally owned florist in 1924 just off the Square in Oxford, Mississippi.

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May 9

The exuberance of the Royal Garden Butterfly pattern reflects our excitement at the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's beautiful baby boy. Congratulations to the royal couple on the arrival of Archie!

Tags: herend, royalwedding, butterfly, tray, serving, $HRD-EVICTP00430-0-00

Brand: Herend

Shared: May 9, 2019
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Shared by Jim Gouldin

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May 9

Our crystal cut glassware is the perfect addition to any dinner party.
May 9
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Juliska brand logo
Featured Products From Post:

We have Mother's Day gifts for every wonderful woman in your life!

Tags: juliska, capucinedewulf, mothersday, mom, jewelry, glassware, glass, $JSK-B375/C

Brand: Juliska

Shared: May 9, 2019
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Shared by Cynthia

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May 8

How sweet it is to be loved by Mom! 💗

Tags: vietri, mom, mothersday, gift, gifts

Brand: Vietri

Shared: May 8, 2019

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May 7

It's "Teacher Appreciation Week" and we want to say a big THANKS for all that you do! 💚🍎
May 7
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Annieglass brand logo
Featured Products From Post:

Annieglass is perfect for so many occasions. Mom can use the Roman Antique Vanity Tray for makeup & jewelry.
May 7

Treillage, once considered the height of sophistication, is now being revised in the latest home accessories and interiors, JARDIN FRANCAIS can feel in this spot.
May 6

Annieglass is the perfect gift for Mother's Day
Shop the Shells collection for the momma that loves to relax at the beach! 🐚

Tags: annieglass, shells, beach, mothersday, mom, glass, glassware

Brand: Annieglass

Shared: May 6, 2019
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Shared by Annieglass

May 5

Beautiful aquatic escapes beckon at Chesterfield Jewelers in St. Louis... (photo credit: Beth Castellaw) 🐚🌞⛱

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